The Ultimate Exit

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When they go into business, a lot of entrepreneurs plan on (maybe) selling their business one day as a ‘retirement fund’.  However, most businesses will not sell and the entrepreneurs is left with a business that they have traded for a number of years but not many businesses will actually sell. The business has been bought the day you entered into the business.

Think about it, why did you go into business and what can you do with the cash earnings to produce an income generating exit asset.

And THAT may not be a sale of your existing business but it may any of the following:

  • A sale of part of your shareholding to a person that will take on the business (either for consideration now or deferred consideration;
  • A management buyout;
  • Investing in properties or shares;
  • Superannuation investments for tax efficiency;
  • Wind the company up for nothing (yes, that’s a sale of your business)

The sale of a business is a VERY specialized area and

If you always treat your business as if it is going to be sold , then the exit will become clear as you construct your earnings stream. If you focus on creating raving fan customers, then sale of the business will not be an issue ultimately (whichever route you are consider