Marketing and product promises

[Download the 7 steps to systemised marketing]

Marketing and product promises go hand in hand.  If you get it right, your product or service could be your best form of marketing – but get it wrong and it can destroy you.

“A reputation takes years to build and 5 minutes to destroy”

There are so many myths about marketing mainly because the industry has been created by marketers to serve themselves.  We’re not in that game and believe that marketing is simply:

“Positioning your business so that it is where your ideal customers want to buy from.”

There are 7 steps to defining your marketing as follows:

  1. Know the market (research)
  2. Know the ideal customer intimately
  3. Determine the positioning that’s unique that sells (itself)
  4. Understand the features and benefits of the product /service;
  5. Determine the objections of the ideal customer and ways to overcome these
  6. Define all of the unique benefits of the product/service compared with the competition
  7. Develop the Core Story of the business that will connect with the customer

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