Financial Earnings Growth

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When accounts are mentioned to Entrepreneurs it is generally (not always) an area of the business that they shy away from most, and with good reason.

In my experience, the Accounting profession has created a mystique around the preparation of numbers and the ‘intricacies’ of why they are so challenging to produce etc etc etc.  And they rarely explain the commercial meaning of the numbers, and limit it to a year end ‘event’.

Numbers are the language of business and a good Chief Financial Officer type person to interpret your numbers not just from a ‘whats happened’ perspective, but how they are tracking to effect your ultimate exit.

I’m a Chartered Accountant that’s worked in Growing Companies, Acquisitions, Mergers and Sales of businesses and this is one of the areas that I really understand – the USE of numbers.  

The power is in the trend – the future trends, which is the only thing that matters in this area, future cashflow trends.

That’s not all, there are strategies that we implement that can eradicate (completely) your tax for a year (we are no tax experts so we use our trusted partners to advise you in this area).

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