Earnings growth – 3 questions to answer about marketing

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One of the traits that I see so often when advising and supporting entrepreneurs is their absolute fear of “marketing”, and I can appreciate that sentiment.  But, there are only 3 simple questions that need to be answered when considering marketing or selling ANYTHING (including intimate relationships by the way).

Before we explore those 3 questions, first understand by who built the marketing myth – marketers!.  Marketing is easy, believe me.

I harboured that same myth in my mind, until I did something about it – I’m a trained Chartered Accountant and engineer (many moons ago now) for heavens sake. A good friend of mine and one of the top internet marketers gave me the best advice ever – “get over it”.  I expand that to get over it, or get out of it!!.

The 3 questions that every prospect, customer, client ask when they are presented with any offer are:

  1. What is it?
  2. Whats in it for me?
  3. Can you prove it?

There are MANY tools, tips etc that can be used but THE most powerful tool is authenticity, congruence with your product and/or service that you have absolute certainty that it will benefit the person more than any money they could ever pay you.

Learn the tools, yes Use as many channels to get the message out there in front of clients, yes.  But the magic is in the psychology of those 3 questions and answering them at every stage of every interaction.

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