I work collaboratively with committed owners of operating businesses to Implement strategies to build systemised, structured and sustainable profit growth (net Cash Income), and hence a valuable business.  If specialist skills are required, I engage the appropriate resources from my extensive network so that there are targeted outcomes for the business and not just a blanket approach.

I work to my Engage, Grow & Exit framework, the 7 Pillars on which to grow business and exit on your terms (more later).

There are 2 streams to what I do

  1. Consulting services which is hands on delivery;
  2. Coaching/mentoring using my Engage, Grow & Exit framework.

Take a look at my YouTube Channel for more (Phil Olsen Consulting YouTube Channel)


I Consult directly in 4 main areas of a business:

  • ENGAGEMENT AND BUSINESS PLAN IMPLEMENTATION – a detailed and defined plan, engagement in the actions, and implementation is critical to achieving growth;
  • MARKETINGGenerating and growing income – many companies use tactics and not strategy in their marketing – marketing is a math game – we define, design, execute and measure the marketing activities;
  • STRATEGIC FINANCE – a focus on the use of numbers in building earnings and value – I read numbers and interpret them for business owners – its my artistry;
  • INVESTMENT TRANSACTION READINESS AND EXECUTIONEquity and Debt Restructuring, Mergers, Acquisitions and Sale of Businesses  – an area of personal speciality … borne of many years experience

If there are areas in the business which require specified knowledge, then I call upon my extensive network of Advisers and Consultants to support those areas.


I am not a typical business coach, I’ve got a huge amount of hands on experience to bring to the table and I demand results of myself and others.  You will have frameworks, tactics, strategies and assessments from me not just ‘checklists and cheerleading’.

Not all business want (or indeed need) the Consulting Services outlined above and often the business owner wants support and guidance periodically to make sure that they are on track and, often, to have a framework to which to work and be held accountable.

I have designed my services to provide as much value as possible for business owners from frameworks to providing tested strategies.


Step 1

I will invest my time to discuss your business and undertake a preliminary Assessment of the business.

My starting point is ALWAYS the level of leader and team engagement … without that, any strategies are impotent.  I am a licensed Engage and Grow Adviser and STRONGLY encourage you to undertake the FREE assessment.

When we have the results, we


The next step is to discuss the survey and carry out an initial assessment – I really don’t want to waste your time or mine if there isn’t a fit of values etc.  It will take less than an hour. Here’s a link to the assessment document (do a self assessment, it will be interesting)

[link to follow]

I will give you the assessment (gratis) which will clearly set out the areas of focus, a quantification (broad at this stage) of what I believe the Net Cash Earnings Increase and/or value creation AND what to do.

Call me on +61 419 921371 or email

Step 2

If we BOTH feel that there is a mutually beneficial fit, then we get started and carry out a full and detailed gap assessment of the business which leads to a Business plan for Implementation (paid).  We will agree the plan and start implementing immediately.

Step 3

We implement together and have periodic assessments of the plan (as agreed), to make sure that the business is on track.

If you feel that the services are for you, please contact me on phone +61 419 921371 or email and we can discuss your requirements.


Engagement and Plan Implementation

A Plan showing where the business is aiming and the steps to get there is critical for ultimate success and exit on the entrepreneurs terms.

ENGAGEMENT in the plan and outcomes (both leader and the team) are critical to rapid IMPLEMENTATION which is essential particularly in todays fast changing business landscape

The results of the engagement survey and the Gap assessment are used to set out a MAP (Massive Action Plan) which is the starting point for any business for Implementation.

We then target the area of the business that need work in order to grow earnings (and have FUN along the way).

Marketing and income generation

Marketing is changing more rapidly than any area of business where traditional forms of marketing are being disrupted online and even more ways to connect with the customer. And couple that with the ever changing nature of the Online marketing world, it can get confusing.

Marketing is a systematic approach to testing what works and what doesn’t, matching good solid principles with new delivery technologies and cultural changes.  Its a math’s game, a system of measurement and refinement until a business identifies what works well (and then does it even more).

Most businesses take a shotgun approach to marketing, instead of a systemised structured measured approach to see whats working and what is not.  It starts with identifying the market, customers and what will connect with them.  Then develop the message to market and test it.

Be strategic, it eats tactics for breakfast.

Strategic Finance

Numbers are the language of business!

Understanding the numbers is incredibly powerful and a game changer when it comes to building earnings and creating value. The use of numbers in business is more than just a one off event, or preparation of accounts. An owner needs to know how to use numbers or have someone skilled in their interpretation.

Then there’s taxation. Now that’s an area that can make or break a business and there are services which are not well know that can drastically reduce taxation and which are normally only available to those businesses that can afford ‘top end of town’ fees.

Investment Transaction Readiness – Debt, Equity, Acquisitions, Mergers and Sale of Business

Debt and equity transaction readiness is critical if a business wants to maximise the money they can get. Knowing the road ahead in any one of these areas is critical to a successful equity raising’s, debt restructures, acquisitions, mergers or sales of a business. It’s a complex area and needs to be planned thoroughly from the outset and executed very carefully.  Its a blend of art and skill borne of many years experience (this is my speciality)