Company Earnings (how culture makes or breaks them)

CultureA company culture can be a great weapon for a business to build its Earnings OR it can destroy them.

The culture of any company is centred on its Values which are passed down from the founder.  The main issue I see is that a company does not understand its positioning, mission, vision and values and therefore cannot pass these on clearly to the participants in its business.

Creating a culture all starts with the hiring process, does the person sitting across the table from you have the same values of the founder and company.  It also works reciprocally in that the Head, Leadership Teams and Company MUST live to its values at all times, whether that is with employees, customers, or suppliers – there must be congruency in every aspect.

The emerging generations are more focused on Social Meaning than the generations before them and this will be ‘hard’ for companies to get their heads around.  But the existing small businesses with family values have a chance to thrive in the future by re establishing these values as they stay on the cutting edge of innovation.

People that work for the company are internal employees and need to be treated accordingly – do NOT treat that comment as a cliche, your earnings WILL suffer.

Nothing replaces true caring (within boundaries of performance).

How does this affect earnings – employees are the ones that will promote your values to teh outside world and they need to be trained in these values in that they are not a ‘fad’ its how the company operates.  It should accord to how your customer views your company and if it does – WINNER.

The BEST way to engender values – LIVE THEM