About Phil

about phil olsenI have always been a scholar of ‘the best’, whether that is in my career, learning new skills and strategies or delivering services to my clients.

My commitment is to go beyond the relationship of service provider to being a knowledgeable trusted adviser, to bring the best of the best, world class knowledge and tools to your business and use all of my focus to support the implementation and deliver results.

My guarantee is that I will deliver more value to your business than you can possibly anticipate, to bring my full energy to creating the business that supports your vision… if I don’t, then I don’t deserve to be engaged in your business.

If my background and experience below resonates with you, then I would love to chat and (if there is a fit). I will invest 60 minutes of my time and prepare a free Business Gap Assessment.  I’ll also provide a (GALLUP designed) employee engagement survey free of charge.  We’ll discuss the strategy and earnings that can be achieved and only then will we agree services.

Contact me on 0419 921371 or email directly on phil@philolsen.com

My passion is implementing strategies with entrepreneurs to build business and exit on their terms – and that includes engaging the whole team in delivery of the plan.

 Here’s who I am at my core:

  • My commitment is to deliver more value than an entrepreneur can possibly expect, to bring my full focus to creating the business that supports their vision;
  • A no nonsense straight talker – I say it as it is and speak the unspoken so that real progress can be made;
  • A voracious learner and implementer – I seek out the best of the best practices to bring to my clients and my companies, implementing cutting edge strategies and techniques;
  • A speed to market implementer – everything I learn is tested first before I bring the tools and techniques to my clients;
  • An entrepreneur with ownership interests in companies that provide added value services to entrepreneurs;
  • Results driven – I expect and demand results of myself in the first place and everyone with whom I work.
  • I care sometimes people misconstrue my directness for not caring, I care very deeply about business owners and well, people in general;

 What I am NOT

  • I am NOT an cheerleader coach – I’ve encountered coaches that do not have experience or keep abreast of current trends, and I do not think that serves the business owner in their growth aspirations;
  • I am NOT a theorist – everything I do is practical and designed to provide bottom line results.

 My credentials

  • I build my own businesses for my own ultimate exit, so everything I advise on is implemented in these companies first (real ‘scars on the back’ experience);
  • Mentored in mindset by Tony Robbins as one of his Platinum Partners;
  • Spent over 20 years in Corporate Advisory roles including operating with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Corporate Finance, Reconstruction, Recovery and Mergers (UK Chartered Accountant);
  • Operated in Mergers and Acquisitions in Blue Chip and fast growing companies;
  • Support and adviser to The Commercial Director at a major UK Bank;
  • I am Coached and mentored by top Internet Marketers ;

 And my track record

  • Building my own businesses online and offline;
  • Reviewed and advised on over 200 businesses whilst working with UK Bank;
  • Acquisition advisory on 13 businesses into a Public Unlisted company in 2 years;
  • Prepared a company for back door listing;
  • Helped to increase value from $3m to $23m in 12 months for 3 entrepreneurs who sold business;
  • Established and growing a Video Marketing and e-learning business