Moving from negative to positive engagement

Moving from negative to positive engagement

Moving from negative to positive engagement


Its all very well saying we need more engagement but how is it done?

There are 3 steps….

  1. Truth
  2. Purpose
  3. Action

Truth – focus on the outcome and not the ‘noise’

There will be a lot of noise every day … other peoples dramas, insecurities, negativity … it can bring you down if you do not protect yourself from the distracting forces.

I heard a saying long ago …

“not my monkeys, not my circus”.  I NEVER take other people’s monkeys on my back, I have enough of my own.

What is the truth of the situation?

Take responsibility for your actions and encourage people to take responsibility for theirs. True leaders recognise that they are not here to rescue people, they are here to lead and guide and create more leaders – everyone has the ability to step up and take personal responsibility for their own actions.  It sounds uncaring but its not.  Its totally the opposite, encouraging someone to be masters of their own destinies is the most caring act ever.

I’m not saying to cut them adrift … provide the tools, guidance, support and lead.  Create leaders.

Some will step up, and some will wilt and seek shelter, and that’s fine – it’s their lives.

By focusing on the outcome in every situation, conversation, daily outcomes etc avoids the noise and brings yourself and others back to the real issues.

Purpose – agree on a common cause

Whether in personal life or business, nothing rallies people like a common cause.  Some people write a mission statement etc, but I believe that those often become bland and platitudes.

But get people individually or in the business to really get connected to what they and it stands for, and it becomes very powerful force … behaviours are far more powerful when there is a feeling behind them, its what keeps people going and creates a culture.

Pictures and words on a wall don’t do it!  People don’t read them, don’t care about them and sometimes even think they are a joke.

Get to the ‘what do we stand for’ and everything changes.  People become engaged.

There’s a whole heap more that can be done and I’ll be writing about these but that’s all for now.

Action – positive rituals

I’m not talking about ‘woo woo’ here, I’m talking about rituals that

  1. Feel good
  2. Are good for you
  3. Are good for others and
  4. Are for the greater good.

I often wonder why people waste their time and energy on instant gratification rather than being focused on a life that matters and positivity.

It really does take the same amount of energy to either have positive or negative focus and rituals (in fact negative will deplete you).

How to start …


Just do it … start with a commitment to the small rituals (watch this video)…

the small things, turn into big things – if you can’t do the small things right, the big things will never be right!

When you start with the small things, and keep getting them right, you will want to do more

You become your rituals!

Language matters

We are our language that we constantly and consistently speak.  It’s the same for a company, the language becomes the culture.

Watch out for this, especially in the team – watch out for the person who uses the words angry, frustrated etc.  That’s who they are and it will infiltrate the team, business and ultimately customers.

If you accept that language matters, then if we change the language of the company, we change the focus and the culture becomes the language.  Moaning, whining, sniping, gossip achieves nothing!.  What achieves a great culture is a conscious effort to focus on the ‘can do’ and not the ‘what went wrong’.

Whining etc is just a lack of personal leadership and ownership!.  Its easier to blame than take responsibility.  The first responsibility is to change the language of your day.


Every second turns into minutes, which turn into hours, which turn into days, which turn into weeks etc