Overcoming culture friction when implementing change and systemisation

Overcoming culture friction when implementing change and systemisation

Overcoming culture friction when implementing change and systemisation

“when placed in the same system, people, however different, tend to produce similar results” Peter Senge – The Fifth Discipline

And here’s the dichotomy … people create the system, which creates the culture which breed success or failure.  Therefore, to change the ‘system’ a business needs to change the way people interact.

Recently, I was working with a client and their digital marketing platforms were brilliant.  Literally, they had done everything that they could to construct a data driven marketing system EXCEPT ….

…. consider how the message gets to the customer and what they are feeling.

And that’s because of the culture of internally focused, data driven systems for the sake of systems, the customer and how marketing works had not been considered.  There was no plan for using the platform to help the customer in their journey.

How is this changed?

Its not easy but it IS easy!

When a business understands that the individual brains and actions combine to form one big brain which either works in a healthy functioning manner or becomes destructive to the whole organism.

There are 3 steps

  1. Check in the ego at the door – nobody is right or wrong, its all about creating an environment of success and service;
  2. Put the customer first – whether that’s internal or external, always focus on the customers needs and satisfy them – their needs ARE my needs should be the business mantra.
  3. Be creative, design, test, get feedback and refine (constantly) – no system is static and perfect, there is always something that can be done to make sure that the systems are more streamlined and service the customers better.

I help businesses to engage, grow and exit on their terms.  I’ve spent over 25 years consulting and building businesses hands on … I’ve seen the successes but also I’ve seen the failures at the ‘pointy end’ of insolvency.  Business is an organism that grows or dies.

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