6 reasons dabblers don’t achieve goals

6 reasons dabblers don’t achieve goals

6 reasons dabblers don’t achieve goals

Its week 1 January 2017 and the ‘rounds’ of New Year’s Resolutions have been made (and many broken already.  Studies show that 85% of New Year’s Resolutions are broken by 15 January!!

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions any more, and there’s a good reason.

You may have heard that achieving anything is 80% psychology etc etc but I know that I didn’t really understand what this meant until I decided to master knowing myself and my success process.

I spent a lot of time and money on understanding me until one day, out of the blue, I GOT it.  One day, I was listening to a Tony Robbins audio (which I had listened to over 20 times and never heard these distinctions) and I realised that I unconsciously follow a process of mastery (when I did) but unconsciously BREAKING these principles when I wasn’t mastering my outcomes.

What is the purpose of a Goal?

Its NOT to just achieve the goal.  The tangible goal is set in place so that we can sculpt a new identity that becomes the type of person that achieves that outcome time and time again. There are 3 stages of learning

Cognitive – where you have intellectual knowledge of something

Emotional – where you start to master the skill

Physical – when it becomes second nature to you and you can do something automatically, it becomes part of you, it becomes an identity within you.

And as Maslov describes the whole process takes you through stages of learning until the 3rd level is achieved…..

Unconscious incompetence – where you don’t know what you don’t know

Conscious incompetence – where you know what you don’t know

Conscious competence – a bit hard but you can do the task

Unconscious competence – a level of second nature


These are all great concepts but how do we get there, I hear you say…

Lets look at it through the lens of the mistakes people make when setting out on mastering a skill

Mistake #1 – lack of burning desire

As Napoleon Hill says in his book, burning desire is the start of all achievement.  It’s the reason why that will keep you going when times get tough and when everything seems far off (when you feel like this, Victory is near!).  The reason why/hunger/burning desire is THE most important ingredient to master any endeavour whether it is from sporting greatness to business or relationships.

Mistake #2 – the wrong strategies and information

With Clarity comes Power and mixed with burning desire, momentum becomes unstoppable!.  So its really important to know what you want but its also important to get your knowledge from credible sources, people that have ‘been there, done that’, made the mistakes and still achieved their outcome.

My view is that I follow either the best of the best in their field or thought leaders that they have referred to me.  The system is

  1. Identify who’s doing what you want to do
  2. Find out what they are doing (their recipe)
  3. Model what they are doing (buy their programs if they sell them)
  4. Do it massively, quickly, make mistakes, refine, rinse and repeat

Before you know it, you will be looking back and saying ‘wow, is THAT how far I’ve come’.

Mistake #3 – lack of repetition

If you were to go to the gym once and expect your body to change, you would be termed an idiot!.  But people do this with knowledge.  They visit with a program, read a book, get told something once and they believe that they have enough knowledge to master a topic.  It doesn’t work like that, repetition is crucial for mastery of anything (as I said before, I studied Tony’s Mastering Influence 20 times before I heard one game changing nugget!.

Mistake #4 – lack of implementation and action (the BIGGIE)

Knowledge without action is impotent, its useless and its effectively intellectual fodder.  The best way to take action is quickly and implement your knowledge with small tests so that you can learn from your failures AND your successes.

You should ponder success and celebrate failure, because the most leaning comes from times of failure.  Too many people take small successes as the ultimate mastery and don’t go any further which lead to Mistake 5.

Mistake #5 – stopping too early before the skills becomes integrated into ourselves

Unconscious competence is only achieved when we have integrated the skill into us at a level that it becomes part of our identity, it becomes second nature to us and we can draw on that skill at any time to achieve an outcome.

The best way to do this is to make sure that you can explain the skill in detail to a third party that understands the simple step by step process of what you are explaining.  Until you get to that stage you are not at a level that you are unconsciously competent.

You would think that would be the end of the process, but its not.  If we do not use a skill, we lose t – its like gym work, it doesn’t take long for the muscles to become weak if we do not use them.

Therefore, mistake #6 is all to common …

Mistake #6 – lack of reinforcement

Reinforcement comes from rituals of constant improvement and learning, implementation and refinement.  Reinforcement is a daily ritual no matter what the conditions to make sure that you do not lose the skill.

And THAT’S why being in a group of like minded people is absolutely critical to the Mastery Process, you will use the skill and maintain your vitality in the area that you are Mastering.

Lastly, THE PROCESS OF MASTERY NEVER ENDS, it’s a daily, weekly, monthly, annual ritual which does not needs a new year’s resolution, because its constant!

Commit to being a Master not a Dabbler (whatever you embark upon)!