Lead generation – a business owner’s perspective

Lead generation – a business owner’s perspective

Lead generation – a business owner’s perspective

Business owners often feel and believe that they are not marketers and become scared of this area.  So they turn to the social pages for information. And that can make it worse because of the amount of information that is ‘out there’.

I read a lot about lead generation, mainly from (usually) online marketers.  And don’t get me wrong, their information is pretty damn good and I read a lot of great stuff.


It’s a fast moving maze for the business owner, with a huge amount of information, fast moving trends and frankly, noise about what the best method, place and media to use.  There’s written articles, video (live, animated and recorded), social sharing etc etc.  its enough to make a business owners head spin.

The best advice I heard was that the current trend of social can be broken down into 3 main areas

  1. Social relevance – the perception of the business
  2. Social platforms – Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, CRM’s etc
  3. Social media – video, written, networking etc

Now, these are not the end all and be all of marketing these days but it’s a good start (more to come on this)

What business owners fail to do in my experience is design their marketing so that they

  • connect with the customer….
  • where they are ….
  • in the way they want ….
  • with the wisdom the customer values.

And therefore, they do not achieve the desired level of social relevance.  The best way to understand what, how and when to deliver information and wisdom that the customer values if to create a Map of the customers journey through the business (this is something a business owner can do themselves).

A journey map documents key information at specific stages of contact.  (I have Journey Map templates which I am happy to share with you, just email and I’ll send them to you). .Some key ones are

  • The emotions of the customer
  • What they want, will appreciate and what will turn them off
  • What information or wisdom is provided
  • The method of contact that creates the most impact (video, phone call, written communication)
  • Who or what (automated email etc) makes contact
  • What data can be collected (ethically of course)

With all of that in hand, it is easy to bring the ideal customer into the fold and exchange your services for money (and the higher the value given, the greater the money that will be paid for the services.

When you have that in hand, you can design your marketing and selling campaigns with a more directed approach.

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My name is Phil Olsen and I am an Entrepreneur, Business Growth Strategist and Mentor.  I have a passion for working with business owners implementing strategies to build their businesses and exit on their terms (after I’ve tested the strategies in my own business, first of course).  I believe in implementation and results.

For over 25 years I’ve built, consulted hands on or advised over 300 companies (and counting) on 4 continents.   I’ve always sought out what I believe is the best and I have worked for, or been mentored by, some of the worlds most renowned organisations (PwC, Listed) and Thought Leaders (Tony Robbins – Platinum, Jay Abraham, Mike Koenigs).  I have implemented my experience combined with their tried and tested principles for business owners in new start ups, established businesses, turnarounds and sale/listing businesses.

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