Marketing congruency builds earnings

Marketing congruency builds earnings

Marketing congruency builds earnings


The meaning of business is to create value for other people so that it is an improvement on their lives.  THE best and only way to demonstrate value is to be totally congruent with the message that you deliver from you and your business that they feel what you are feeling leading to an emotional transfer.

Its not about the money and you have a duty to provide your fullest service to people, in the most impeccable way in order that they can truly feel that you have their best interests in your message and actions.

Your whole ideological, philosophical, interactions with customers, how you deal with team members should be your way of life from which you do not stray because it IS you, and you ARE IT.  You have a moral responsibility to help people have better lives by delivering your product or service.

Forget ANY marketing until this step is totally and utterly ingrained into the systems, processes, energy and everything you and business stands for at any time and in any circumstance.  You need to know in your heart that the provision of your services will make them better off and all of your words and actions support that.

Then and only then can you prepare any materials, write copy, produce videos – whatever you are using to connect with your marketplace and ideal customers.  The transfer of emotion will attract and retain lifetime clients, NOT the tactics you employ.