Every business person IS a born marketer …..

Every business person IS a born marketer …..

Every business person IS a born marketer …..


Why every business person IS a born marketer (and they don’t realise it)

There is SUCH a mystique around marketing, this big glitzy, lights flashing, media induced activity that you need professionals to DO for you.  That is all BS – belief systems.

I’ve been researching the business environment and peoples biggest challenges, and THE biggest is getting more leads and generating revenue – by far.  And the biggest comment I get is that – I’m not a marketer.

I used to say the same because my belief was that because I had been (in my past) trained a Civil Engineer, Chartered Accountant, I could not possibly be a Marketer until I had the best advice ever from Mike Koenings, one of the worlds top Internet Marketers – GET OVER IT or GET OUT OF BUSINESS!. Wow, great advice.

Then in dawned on me – marketing is influencing people and I’ve done that ALL my life, in all areas of my life – there is always a marketing process within any relationship.

And then I boiled it down even further:

  • I need to understand what people want (not hard, they have fears and pains and I can solve those with my services – I just need to tell them what my services are);
  • A campaign is a building project (Engineering);
  • The metrics need to measured (Maths and accounting at its base);
  • Then I refine the process

When I explained this to a friend of mine in the building trade, I could see the lights going on and him getting it – thats my hope for you – simplify!.

The bottom line is that business people have been conditioned to think that they are not marketers because, after all, the marketing industry was created by the ….. marketers and it just wouldn’t do to have people be in charge of their own destinies now would it.

Change your beliefs, get information on what TRUE marketing is and construct your machine.

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