Knowledge is intellectual entertainment unless …..

Knowledge is intellectual entertainment unless …..


….. you have to have the key ingredient that activates it to outcomes.

I’ve done a lot of courses, learning and personal development over the years, and there was a time that it would sit in a book, my brain or on a shelf until I got around to implementing it someday.

The one thing I’ve learned from my time with Tony Robbins is that beliefs are so important in defining us, change these and we change our outcomes.  There is a saying that “as we do one thing, so we do everything”, and its true.

The antidote to impotent knowledge is action and creating a ritual.  I changed my belief to 3 core organising principles that I apply to every area of my life and especially when it comes to knowledge:

  1. If I invest my time, capital or energy in ANYTHING I am looking for a return on that investment;
  2. Create a ritual based on the extraordinary role model I have chosen from whom to learn and act on it daily until it becomes a part of me;
  3. Take the least path of resistance in applying the knowledge and surround myself with people to whom I become directly or indirectly accountable

Take action, it’s the only way that you will reap the rewards