People buy what they want NOT what they need

People buy what they want NOT what they need

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Take coffee as an example.  I was in La Jolla last year and the person I was with ordered a Toasted Graeme Skinny Latte (go figure) – I couldn’t even remember it let alone order t from the counter.

It all stems from desire to be different in an ever expanding world of immediate competition.  Its an emotional WANT not a need.

The smart business owners these days know that the underlying emotions of the customers are paramount when they offer a product for sale, but also there needs to be no buyer remorse (which is a debilitating emotion that will kill any business)

Be careful that you know your ideal customers so intimately that sometimes you know them better than they know themselves.  Also, sell them something that improves their lives otherwise the completion WILL go elsewhere (its easy these days).