The value of BRAND (what a company stands for)

The value of BRAND (what a company stands for)

all blacksAnyone who watched the annihilation of Australia at the weekend would be in awe of the All Blacks performance.  They are a machine.  But they are more than that, they have a Brand.

The All Blacks Brand is known worldwide as ‘winners’ but why??.

As one Australian commentator, Matt Burke said “the difference was that the All Blacks did the little things well”.  But it was more than that ….

A Brand is what an entity stands for, its values, beliefs and identity which is delivered constantly and consistently.

Those who watched closely would have seen a change in their pattern of play, they didn’t get overly involved in the rucks and played the game fast.  What that meant was that they disrupted the competition with their innovation.  Their product promise is that they play full on for 80 minutes, never quit and bring everything to the field – and they DO.

Innovation – they disrupted the “norms” of play on Saturday with flip passes so they didn’t have to rely on recycling the ball from the rucks.

Consistent innovation, marketing (product promise) and living congruently with core values, that’s what makes a brand not the colour of the logo, the website, the perception of the offering.  A brand takes years to build and, if done properly, will attract a premium in the marketplace.