Strategic Mapping – the earnings impact of seasons

Strategic Mapping – the earnings impact of seasons


Everything, whether it be a person’s life, the economy, industries or business follow the 4 seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.  Alignment of these for an entrepreneur is critical when mapping their business for the road ahead.

The seasons follow a typical pattern

  • Spring – when everything is new and fresh. Seeds are planted and everything is growing;
  • Summer – it really starts to heat up and the events are hot and the seeds that have been sown in spring are now growing rapidly;
  • Autumn – a time to reap the benefits of the harvest and then to…
  • Winter – a time of cold and potentially bitterness (but it needn’t be a time to hibernate, it could be a time to enjoy the benefits of winter).

Its not possible to jump a season, but it IS possible to make the most of each season by knowing how to benefit from what it offers.

Its really important that the entrepreneur recognises where their business, economy, industry and, most importantly, where they are in the cycle (by the way, a persons season is not age dependent).

I am firmly of the belief that the world economy is in winter and we are in the Fourth Turning (ref Strauss and Howe – The Fourth Turning), the last stage of an 80 year cycle (per the authors, the “Turning” started in 2008).

If we are in winter, the entrepreneur should be preparing their businesses to capitalise on the conditions.  The way to do this – know the road ahead and innovate to reach the ideal customer.


Phil Olsen