5 Marketing myths (its not that hard)

5 Marketing myths (its not that hard)


Entrepreneurs often mis understand what marketing (really) is and how to make it easy to get business.  I’ve seen a lot of businesses and there are common themes which arise during my conversations.

I firmly believe that myths have been created by the marketing industry – their agenda is to make money from selling services to companies so they are going to make the whole marketing mystique seem important and only winnable if the entrepreneur engages their services.

So here’s the 5 myths I’ve seen over the years

  1. “Advertising is marketing” – what you see on TV is a machine designed to influence a certain demographic. True marketing is positioning the business uniquely so that it sells itself;
  2. “I have to engage someone to tell me how to market” – marketing is the process of getting your ideal customers to do business with you. Find out what they want, go get it and give it to them;
  3. “I need to be on all social platforms” – not correct, a business should put relevant content on the social platforms where their ideal customers visit;
  4. “If I develop content, they will come” – these days people are overloaded with information and starving for wisdom. A business needs to speak with their customers and provide relevant, interesting and useful information;
  5. “Marketing is hard” – if you believe in your product and that it should be bought by your ideal customer then marketing is not hard – its your beliefs that hold you back, and if you truly believe that your product solves their problems, you have a duty to reach out and connect with them.

Bottom line is that beliefs have been created around the concept of marketing by an industry that is akin to news media with self interest at heart.  It’s a multi billion dollar industry so why wouldn’t they – go in with your eyes open.

The ONLY purpose of marketing is to put your business at the forefront of your ideal customers minds to use your services. And THE best form of marketing is providing impeccable service so that you get referrals easily and readily (but that’s a whole topic in itself).

Design a process that connects with your ideal customers where they congregate, provide huge amounts of value and systemise “client getting”.

Take control!