Age of entitlement – the (hidden) cost to business

Age of entitlement – the (hidden) cost to business

entitlementI was supporting a client yesterday and I swear the IR laws in Australia have gone even crazier in recent years.  Australia is making it SO hard for employers not to outsource overseas and/or robotise their workforce (and believe me its coming).

Today we are working on an outsourcing plan to take away the costs (direct and indirect).

I’m not sure that REAL studies have been done on the real costs of the environment of entitlement that has built up in the western world in recent years.

An entrepreneur cares about their clients AND their employees, but in my experience it is not reciprocal and the mantra is – “I want and if can’t have, its not fair and I will take you to …”.

But what about the hidden stresses to the Entrepreneur/business owner – its not long before they are going to say ‘enough is enough’, I’m not being held to ransom anymore and I’m going somewhere else to get resources.

Here’s how to avoid them

  1. Plan your business structure carefully;
  2. Put systems or outsource wherever possible;
  3. Choose staff VERY carefully, and make sure that they are ‘value generators’, not passengers

Whilst employees are tying up the head of the company in the fear that they may be doing the “wrong thing”, they could be focusing on building the business, reducing true gratuitous cost and actually building the business earnings to reward employees adding value.

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