The immediacy “App revolution” … (but the fundamentals don’t change)

The immediacy “App revolution” … (but the fundamentals don’t change)

app revolutionI was on a call this morning with a good friend of mine that has developed an amazing App for business, which I will be buying.  I always adopt technology with caution.

In business every ‘shiny object’ is merely a tool to generate earnings and thats MY test:

“how will this shiny object increase my earnings and will I get a positive return on investment”

Everything has an evolution cycle and the “half life” of adoption in marketing technologies is getting very short indeed.  These days it all comes down to immediacy and ease of use of a product to deliver a message.  But the message ALWAYS has the same fundamentals

  1. Grab attention and make contact
  2. Connect and build trust
  3. Demonstrate value to the viewer to solve their issues
  4. Overcome objections and close a sale

Remember, the latest shiny object is only a platform that delivers a message – humans use platforms, they want and demand vlaue (to THEM).