The power of (broken) business relationships

The power of (broken) business relationships

building business relationships


The time to REALLY shine is when a customer is unhappy.  Its a time that you can show that you really care for their business and them.


There are 3 levels of relationship

  1. Level 1 – Its all about me – typical corporate world relationships (but these are changing, they have to in this world of transparency)
  2. Level 2 – I will if you will – its a barter, transactional (there is an undertone of blame in these relationships)
  3. Level 3 – Your needs ARE my needs – this level is where the magic happens in every relationship.  Its where you satisfy the customer needs (not sacrificially mind you) in order that they achieve their outcome.

A person or organisation can only play at level 3 if they understand the deepest needs of the person with whom they are dealing.  What are their fears, frustrations, pains and pleasures.  What are their values and rules that need to be followed and not violated?.  What do they hold dear in their lives?.

Most businesses do not take the time to understand these and therefore are not able to play at level 3, let alone spot when a relationship is breaking down.

Often a customer has left and gone to someone else and the company does not even know it.

Understand the customer and love them more than your product, thats how to build a business.