Its Implementation that counts (…. Identity change)

Its Implementation that counts (…. Identity change)

Who-Are-You-300x270The topic of implementation fascinates me because it strikes at the heart of everything, our psychology and from that our spirit and our physical selves.

I’ve changed  my beliefs over the years about why people don’t implement.  Yes, there is the pain/pleasure paradigm, yes there’s fear, yes there’s the psychology of the values, beliefs and rules we have but I really think it comes down to the desire

“to remain consistent with the Identity we attribute to ourselves”

I truly believe that we sculpt ourselves as people and businesses, its a spiritual journey to walk this earth and that business and money are part of that journey.

You see, we have habits/rituals that are formed (sculpted) by years of doing something in a way that we get used to.  Its installed into our Basal Ganglia and we become comfortable with that identity, even if it does not serve us.  It could even be the ultimate pain, but we still remain true to that habitual identity.

When we want something new, we write goals, we ‘do’ the stuff that is taught (visioning etc etc) but we don’t understand on the deepest level that we are reforming the energy inside ourselves and creating a  new persona – identity.  When that Identity has been sculpted, it becomes relatively easy to do what once felt difficult.

So, my belief now is that I constantly sculpting a new identity each and every day, programming the cells to evolve into who I need to be to deliver on my life plan and desires.  Its not the goals that matter, its who I become as part of the habit forming process.

The same applies to business – shift the Identity, shift the outcome!  What we fear at the base level is the death of an identity even if its not serving us.