Authentic marketing – why your product is your best form of marketing!

Authentic marketing – why your product is your best form of marketing!

I hear it so many times from ‘technical biased’ business owners and employees.

“I don’t think I’m a marketer”.

Why do they have that perception?.

Lets face it (and I have no axe to grind with traditional ‘marketers’), marketers are doing what they do best – building THEIR business.  I see the brand marketers (they are really advertisers) promoting websites, brochures etc etc all the time and I call it the ‘double decaf with a lemon twist’ marketing.  All fluff and bluster.

REAL marketing is one thing, and one thing only – getting people to do business with you, putting yourself at the forefront of their minds when they come to choose a product or service – owning a word in their minds.  No amount of techniques or brochures/websites will do that.

Its a simple process when its boiled down to its basics:

  1. A strong Positioning that is Unique that Sells itself
  2. A product promise that resonates with the customer and is irresistible to them
  3. Backing up the product promise with service that goes beyond the expectations of the customer
  4. Capturing social proof and sharing it with potential customers

The days of forced relationships is over and the power is now in the buyers hands.  That is especially the case in this world of ‘social’ where immediacy of proof is the buzz.  The way in which services are now bought has changed whereby service buyers will now research the alternatives and the more social proof thats available, the more they trust the product and the more they are likely to buy.

Buyers want to see authenticity these days and NOT the smokes and mirrors of traditional advertising, its getting old and worn out!.

So technicians out there, please know that your product promise and delivery is your BEST form of marketing, backed up by social proof.  take a breath, you actually market every day and people WANT to see your authenticity.

We’re almost back to the good old community feeling where I know that you have a good service because someone I trust has tried it and it worked – we’re close!