Secret language of (business) incongruence

Secret language of (business) incongruence


If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck – then its a duck!

There is a saying “watch peoples feet, not their mouths”.  But it can be a lot more powerful than that even observing that incongruence in behaviour.

Listen for the whispers of congruence!.  Watch what people do in different situations, particularly under stress because that is when they default to their true selves.

What do they say to you and then say publicly?.  How do they act in private compared with public ‘displays’?.  What do they say about others and then front up to them?.  Do they actually honour congruence of their stated message to the world?  If they do, then it increases trust.

But here’s the kicker!  if they are incongruent, it appears in their whispers, in the speech, in their body language, in their non verbal communication.

I’ve experienced this a lot throughout my life – how do I test it.  Well if my gut tells me something is wrong, then something is wrong.

Watch for the whispers in business, it will serve you well and live life with congruence.