Marketing! …. the ‘real’ ingredient that is often missing

Marketing! …. the ‘real’ ingredient that is often missing

Smoke-and-Mirrors I had 2 interactions yesterday and they illustrated perfectly the contrast in true marketing.

The first was with a company that had a decades long track record of delivery, a great reputation which they worked on every single day, with the motto (in contracting) – its not finished until its finished properly!. Now which company would not engage them when they have the proof to back that up.

Contrast that with a business which does not have any results of proof of delivery on the most important (in my opinion) ingredient in world class marketing

“A big product promise that the customer values BACKED UP with results”

Business owners have been conditioned to believe that marketing is an event ‘out there’, where in fact true marketing is getting people to do business with you because you have demonstrated that you will deliver on a strong product promise.

All the tactics in the world can be used, but if that ingredient is not in the business, it will come across (eventually) as ‘smokes and mirror’ and that is suicide in this world of social immediacy!

Make it real and back it up with social proof!