What I learned today – Implementation and the amorphous online world

What I learned today – Implementation and the amorphous online world


The business world is changing FAST and its difficult for Entrepreneurs to keep abreast of how it affects business, its a constant learning exercise.

I’ve recently been revisiting how social affects business (and building an even more powerful presence for myself).

As a practical Entrepreneur and Adviser, I asked myself ‘How does this all work’. So, me being me, I didn’t want to rely on the ‘online marketers’ because, frankly, they don’t understand how to build an earnings stream. Sounds counter intuitive, but I wanted to keep this real.

What I found is that social media is not social media – its refining itself naturally:

There are 3 levels of social

A. Social Relevance – how is a business coming across to its customers
B. Social Media – video. pdf’s, etc
C. Social Platforms – this is what people THINK social media is. Each platform has its own psychology (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc)

1. Traditional offline processes are critical and even more important these days to understand who a business is targeting;
2. The platforms that work for a business differ
3. Analytics are better than they have ever been to measure effectiveness
4. The social platforms are becoming really similar in their approach and psychology is more important than ever
5. It takes a lot of time to review and understand everything for the poor overworked entrepreneur
6. Any strategy HAS to take into account the ‘real world, offline business’ to be really effective
7. I don’t care about likes, unlikes, views, etc unless they translate into ‘mortgage paying’ cash

My outcome is to design a system for me (and other entrepreneurs) to use the cross platform marketing to blend to bricks and mortar businesses to build earnings. Stay tuned