Daily ritual of State, Story and Strategy

Daily ritual of State, Story and Strategy

state story strategy Each day is a new day with new opportunities and challenges.


Most people live their lives their lives one day at a time (and thats the same day each and every day of the year).  Happiness comes from progress.

Rituals create habits which creates confidence and sculpts a new me (I’m ever evolving as a person).

There is a daily ritual I’ve learnt to progress in my life each and every day to create a new State, evolve my story and create new strategies for life and business.

  1. Prime and increase my energy
  2. Connect with my life and business visions
  3. Feed and strengthen my mind and body
  4. Tap into my mentors and role models
  5. Connect with my mastermind and peer group
  6. Add even more value each and every day
  7. Celebrate life in all of its richness

Create rituals to create a new paradigm for your life.