Persistence is the key ingredient

Persistence is the key ingredient

think and grow rich persistencePersistence is the essential factor in the procedure of transmuting desire into money and the basis of persistence is the power of will!!

Will power and desire when mixed make an irresistible pair. Its not about being ruthless which is sometimes associated with people of desire its about the single minded will to succeed. In my experience successful people are amongst some of the most generous souls on this planet but ARE single minded.

Persistence is based upon definite causes, amongst them:

Definiteness of purpose – the most important step is knowing what one wants

Desire – without INTENSE desire, energy wanes for the outcome;

Self reliance – one MUST have belief in ones ability to carry out their plan (if they have one, which is the subject of another article)

Definiteness of plans – plans must be clear concise and organised to reach the definite outcome

Accurate knowledge – too many people guess about events instead of basing them on accurate facts and research – recipe for failure

Co-operation – harmonious co-operation breeds persistence;

Will power – concentration daily on plans build persistence (a reason why is essential for follow through)

Habit – Persistence is the direct result of habit – fear is the worst enemy and repeated acts of courage overcome the fear and build muscle towards persistent action.