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Creating a business can be rewarding if its approached in the right way, with the right focus and skills. It’s a strategic, structured and systematic process which, if done correctly can lead to a vehicle that supports the Entrepreneurs life.

The business world is changing faster than ever and its critical to implement with speed but be flexible in application of strategies. The end outcome is a target at which the Entrepreneur should be aiming each and every day.

A lot of entrepreneurs believe that the only exit from a business is a sale but that is not the case. A high proportion of businesses WILL NOT be saleable and that could result in a lot of hard work and no benefit. In order to exit on their terms, an entrepreneur must be very clear on what those terms are.

We have condensed the process into 7 Pillars on which to build your business and exit on your terms, which when applied guarantee's that an entrepreneur WILL exit on THEIR terms.


“Phil brings a systemised, strategic thinking process to a company which is insightful and decisive. He always has practical., well thought through strategies to generate earnings in a business”

Chris Daly
(ex) Owner, Dewatering Services Australia

“We had built our business quickly in the Perth mining boom and wanted to capitalize on the market and sell our business. When Phil worked with us, he put frameworks in place that prepared us for sale that realized far in excess of what we believed possible.”

Lee Warburton
(ex) Owner, Tristar Water Solutions, Perth

“Each time we discuss my business with Phil, I get a breakthrough strategy on how it can expand even more. Always a valuable and profitable encounter”

Grant Carlyon
Owner, Gymbus, Perth

“I attended Anthony Robbins Business Mastery course and wanted to apply the principles. When I worked with Phil, he condensed it into easy to understand steps and focus so that I could understand the information that I had learned. He has an uncanny gift of getting to the core of an issue and setting a targeted focused direction”

Yvette Timmins
Owner, Bloom College, Melbourne

“I do Research and Development Grant Claims as a main business and I first encountered Phil at a mutual client. His ability to assimilate new information and turn it into a step by step strategy to generate additional returns for a business always amazes me”

Brett Freeland
Owner, Hatched Group

“I first met Phil as part of Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership and we instantly became friends. When I want to discuss business ideas and strategies, he’s one of the guys I turn to – always valuable”.

Scott Masters

“I was charged with preparing the financial numbers for the listing and sale of the business in which I worked. I needed additional expertise and engaged Phil’s services – I gave him one sheet of paper and from that he developed the complete financial model for the business AND managed the Listing Due Diligence process from start to finish – amazing work’.

Dale Robertson
CFO, Resource Equipment Limited

“Phil has the unique ability to take leading edge, world class tools and knowledge, turn them into an income generating asset and consistently and constantly grow that asset”

Justin Davis
Owner, New Rich Online

“When provides guidance to the business I record it because I never know when an insightful nugget of knowledge will appear. The strategies and model we have developed together has generated a huge value for my business consistently”

Garry Davis
Owner, Specialist Share Education

“When we worked together in Professional Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Phil was always called upon to execute the most challenging assignments because the Partners knew he would get the job done!”

Adrian Godfrey
Owner, Marloes Capital (Investment Advisers)